Make a clean break with clutter – and reorganise your drawers and pull-outs with our Drawer Solutions®! The wooden modules are suitable for both our WOOD and ZIRCON drawer systems. The flexible system allows you to use the entire interior of your drawers and pull-outs, meaning you make the most out of every bit of valuable storage space in your kitchen.

Interior features

On the spot.

The Drawer Solutions® modules are made of solid oak, varnished clear (matte) and offer a variety of options to organise your drawers and pull-outs. The system is incredibly simple: Just start with a base module, then select additional modules or specific inserts that combine to precisely fill out your drawer, depending on the drawer width. All modules are available in two different depths.


WOOD drawer system

Drawer Solutions® made of solid oak form a visual unit with our WOOD drawer system. All modules – from the base module to the module for small cooking utensils to the module for herb and spice jars – are suitable for the WOOD drawer system. In addition, some modules have no base, leaving the base of the drawer visible.


ZIRCON drawer system

Looking for a little (more) contrast? No problem – our Drawer Solutions® made of solid oak are the right choice here as well. The anthracite base and anthracite sides of the drawer or pull-out add an exciting detail to the overall look. In addition, you can also order a non-slip mat as an option (also applies for the WOOD drawer system). Other features available for the ZIRCON drawer system include: plastic cutlery inserts in anthracite or wood cutlery inserts in black.


Drawer Solutions® configurator

What are you waiting for? Get started now – and bring order to your drawers with Drawer Solutions® from Rotpunkt Küchen. Are you ready to start thinking about the best way to combine and arrange your Drawer Solutions® modules? Then get creative – and use our interior fittings configurator. First, choose your desired drawer width and then add the individual modules. You can drag & drop to rearrange the modules within the drawer, or click to remove them. Found your dream configuration? Simply print it out so you can discuss it with a Rotpunkt Küchen dealer near you. Click here for the dealer search.

Easy to configure

Drag & drop to rearrange the modules within the drawer, or click to remove them.

Your configuration

Here you can see your very own drawer with the options they have chosen.

The configurator is not supported on mobile devices.

1. Select the drawer width
First, click to select the width of your drawer.

30 cm
40 cm
45 cm
50 cm
60 cm
75 cm
80 cm
90 cm
100 cm
120 cm

2. Select the drawer modules
You can click or drag & drop to add the drawer modules you require.

10 cm insert
for cookware
10 cm insert
for tea bags
15 cm insert
for cookware
15 cm insert
for coffee capsules
15 cm insert
with foil dispenser
15 cm insert
for spice jars
15 cm insert
for knives
20 cm insert
for cookware
20 cm insert
for cookware
30 cm insert
for cookware

3. Print out and bring with you

Drawer width:

30 cm

Drawer modules:
  • 20 cm insert
    for cookware