Driven by a passion to produce kitchens that inspire our customers, we at Rotpunkt Küchen have been continuously developing for over nine decades.

Diverse, high-quality, durable and sustainable – these are the qualities that distinguish the German-made kitchens, dressing rooms and utility rooms from Rotpunkt Küchen. At our sites in Bünde and Oldendorf-Getmolde, we employ nearly 400 qualified employees in the areas of production, logistics and administration.

Manufacturer of kitchens and
Living room furniture in the premium segment 

Who we are

Once a box factory founded in 1930 by Heinrich Rabe and Wilhelm Meyer under the name “Rabe & Meyer”, Rotpunkt is now an international manufacturer of kitchen and home furniture in the premium segment. Rotpunkt Küchen is growing – not least thanks to trading relations all over the world. The company specializing in kitchen production in Germany is managed by its managing partners Heinz-Jürgen Meyer and Andreas Wagner and by Sven Herden, Manager of Sales and Marketing. Together, they employ a unique production structure with an efficient machine fleet, a diverse product portfolio, and reliable delivery. The continuous growth of the company is projected to continue in the future as well – thanks, for example, to investments in the machine fleet, advanced technologies and the expansion of national and international dealer relationships. The kitchen manufacturer continues to expand its headquarters in the East Westphalian town of Bünde.

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What makes Rotpunkt Küchen tick? What is important to us – and what do we stand up for each and every day? At Rotpunkt Küchen, we are not only wish-fulfillers, but also family friends, makers of possibilities and lovers of the world.

What does that mean? As wish-fulfillers, we see it as our task to produce unique dream kitchens. None of our kitchens is like any other – just as none of our customers is like any other. Your wish is our command – and our future. Family is paramount at Rotpunkt Küchen. We are not just a family-owned company, but we also promote a family-friendly climate. We want to create products for families – to live together and live well. Affordable prices, premium quality, and variety go hand in hand. Our kitchens are used by a wide range of different households – for many years to come. As makers of possibilities, we rely on the durability of our Rotpunkt Küchen products, produce in Germany and create designs for every taste. As lovers of the world, we manufacture our kitchens in a climate-friendly way and use sustainable materials. We understand our responsibility towards the environment and our fellow human beings.

50 German Leaders

– these are leading representatives from 50 different industries who show the importance of German production and the ingenuity of German companies for the global economy. We at Rotpunkt Küchen are proud to represent the kitchen furniture industry as part of the 50 German Leaders campaign, which examines forward-looking strategies from business leaders from across Germany. In our film, we not only present our company, Rotpunkt Küchen, and its history, but also show what sets our products apart in terms of design and functionality. All this? Let us embrace the subject of sustainability, to which we at Rotpunkt Küchen attach great importance.

New production hall

Finally: We are building a new production hall at the Rotpunkt Küchen facility in Bünde. The hall, the construction of which has been set to last two years, will be built in two phases. In total, the hall will be 15 meters high, 250 meters long and 50 meters wide, will cover an area of 10,000 square meters and will primarily serve as a commission warehouse - including for carcase parts, fronts and drawers. “With this, we are creating more space for new machines during ongoing operations on the one hand and, on the other hand, we are increasing our inventory,” says Andreas Wagner, outlining the benefits of the new building.

Our construction site camera constantly provides the latest images of the progress.


As a manufacturer of high-quality kitchens, we know that tradition and innovation do not contradict each other, but rather enrich each other. When it comes to the design of our products - whether the be kitchens, dressing rooms or utility rooms - we do not follow arbitrary trends, but rather make sustainable decisions. With this approach, we create a comprehensive range of fronts, carcasses, worktops, handles, handleless kitchens, kitchen lighting options, modules for kitchen interior design and much more. Are you planning a kitchen row, are you looking for a kitchen island, are you thinking of an L-shaped kitchen, do you want a bright kitchen, or would you rather have a dark-toned kitchen? Would you like a high-quality real wood kitchen, a modern handleless kitchen or a rustic country house kitchen? Our design versatility makes it possible.


Centre of life – that’s what we at Rotpunkt Küchen develop and produce our products for. Because the kitchen has long been the centre of the home: This is where we cook, where we eat, where we gather with our family, where we celebrate with friends, where memories are made. To ensure that you enjoy your kitchen day after day and for many years to come, we at Rotpunkt Küchen produce high-quality kitchen and home furniture in Germany. Our products impress not only with their high quality, but also with their design and functionality, their lasting value and their durability. The materials used are certified many times over – and our sustainable kitchens have even won multiple awards, including the SCHÖNER WOHNEN BEST OF DESIGN-AWARD 2022.