For many decades, we at Rotpunkt Küchen have been producing high-quality kitchen furnishings. More and more, these are making their way to other areas of the home as well. From the hallway to the living room or bathroom: Our furnishings can be used in many different ways. And the best part? With our new cabinet collections for utility rooms and dressing rooms, we now offer compact, complete solutions for your entire home.

Dressing rooms

A Rotpunkt kitchen Is the centre of your life and home, and it has never been more cosy, more comfortable, or functional. Our furnishings are expanding this attitude to more and more areas of life – including your dressing room, thanks to an innovative system. Create additional storage space and organise your life and your clothing the way you want. Various cabinet heights and widths, and a wide range of extra features – including wooden or glass shelves, garment rails, trouser racks, drawers and pull-outs, continuous lighting and mirrored doors – offer excellent flexibility in planning and use.


The consistent, vertical lighting is already integrated, and

always places your clothes in the best light.

Wooden/glass shelves

The shelves end flush with the body of the cabinet for a sophisticated look when doors are open. In addition, a glass shelf with metal frame is always placed above the top drawer or pull-out.

Mirrored door

With the integrated mirror, you always have everything in view – and give your dressing room added depth.

Garment rail

Stay flexible – and place a garment rail exactly where you need one. Need to change the position? You can do so in a flash.

Drawers and pull-outs

The planning grid guarantees drawers and pull-outs are at a uniform height – for a linear look. And for everyone who loves keeping things in order.