Alright if it's a little over? At Rotpunkt Küchen, we know kitchen cabinets. And because we do, we asked ourselves one day: What if our products could be used in other areas of our customers’ lives? Ultimately, it was this thought that led us to create our solutions for utility rooms and dressing rooms. Sound good to you? They look good too – at least we think so. We hope you enjoy discovering our utility rooms.

Utility rooms

do the laundry.

Dirty laundry piling up in the bathroom again? No time for sorting? With the clever utility room cabinets from Rotpunkt Küchen, these questions are now history. With holes milled into the cupboard doors, you can sort your laundry quickly and easily into the laundry baskets behind them. From there, the clothes go into the washing machine, which - just like the tumble dryer - finds its place in a custom-made, precisely fitting cupboard on ergonomic working height. Of course, we have also thought of a shelf for detergent, fabric softener & co. and sufficient space for the ironing board and iron. And herewith provide plenty of practical answers.

keep it clean.

Admittedly: Most of the time, hoovers, mops, mop buckets, brooms and dustpans stand around in some unloved corner of the kitchen or utility room. With the utility room cupboards, we at Rotpunkt Küchen finally give these bulky cleaning utensils a place especially for them and, if desired, also include a practical waste system. Nothing falls over here, nothing gets in the way, everything is hidden behind a tall cupboard door. True to the motto: out of sight, out of mind.

time to re-arrange.

Are drink crates and shoes constantly standing around in the way and blocking your hallway? Our utility room furniture can help with that too - whether with open or closed cupboard elements. Combine your elements with various proven solutions for interior organisation - and we promise you: Stumbling over obstacles standing around has finally come to an end.

where design meets function.

Due to their versatility, our utility room cupboards are not only practical, but thanks to their modern design, they can be optimally combined with our kitchen furniture. By the way: a special access door allows you to plan your utility room directly next to - or behind - your kitchen. This is a big plus, especially in open-plan kitchens, as the look is not disturbed by bulky appliances.

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