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The climate
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It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, we’re all responsible for our environment, the climate and our planet. Even small changes – such as cycling more, buying local products and protecting our natural resources – can help prevent further climate change. As a company, we also feel called upon to develop sustainable solutions. One particularly important cornerstone of this is our carbon footprint, which shows us on an yearly basis where and how we have reduced emissions. Read on to find out what we at Rotpunkt Küchen are doing to protect the climate.

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How Rotpunkt makes the
          world a little better


Reduction in material usage and waste thanks to the acquisition  of efficient cutting  machines at the Getmold plant. Continuous updating of our machinery and technologies.


Company-wide certification in energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 and creation of a basis for future certifications and continuous action.


Promotion of e-mobility and introduction of subsidies for work bikes for employees and their family members. Our team travels a total of 3,352,800 kilometres a year on 220 working days going to Bünde or Getmold. Every kilometre cycled helps to protect our environment.


Analysis of the company regarding CO2 emissions and preparation of a CO2 site balance sheet. Development of a package of measures for continuous CO2 reduction.

Use Change as
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100% carbon neutral production at the Bünde and Getmold sites by implementing various measures. Reduction in CO2 emissions by means of increased efficiency and investments in sustainability projects. Assessment of whether objectives have been achieved by repeating the CO2 balance sheet and deriving further measures for further CO2 reduction.


Complete company-wide conversion to green electricity. Implementation of various measures and projects, taking into equal consideration the areas of ecology, economy and social issues.

The climate
   us all

When you buy a kitchen, you make an important  decision – for yourself, for your home and for the future. Not only design, functionality and quality play a critical role here, but also sustainability. When buying a Rotpunkt kitchen, you can rest assured that you’re making a valuable contribution to the protection of our climate, as all of our products are manufactured carbon neutrally. This means that, in addition to your home having a wonderful new kitchen, you’ll know you’ve been eco-friendly.

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  • Sustainability
  • Climate protection
  • Clean conscience
  • By using our greenline chipboard we preserve forest land in the approx. size of 50 football pitches every year

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