As a manufacturer of kitchens of the highest quality we at Rotpunkt know that tradition and innovation are by no means contradictory but inspire each other. The clear design of our kitchens is based on this knowledge. We don’t simply follow every single trend without thinking but observe and listen carefully before deciding about extending our product range. That means you can plan your own individual kitchen so that it not only functional but also visually appealing.


State-of-the-art technology combined with long-standing tradition characterises our planning and production methods. That way kitchens of the highest quality are created that not only stand out due to their design and functionality but also due to their lasting value and durability. The highest possible degree of individualisation enables the creation of what we and you expect of a perfect kitchen.


greenline – made of BioBoard is our understanding of sustainability. What that means? An environment-friendly alternative to conventional chipboards where corn and other annual plants are used. This reduces the proportion of wood in a kitchen by 37 percent without affecting the stability or processing quality. Even better: greenline – made of BioBoard is PEFC and FSC certified. Already today we can provide many fronts and cabinet decors as a greenline version – we are not only happy about this but also proud.

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