We analyse all new technical developments before we add these to our range. After testing them and considering if they are useful and only if we are convinced of the optical and technical characteristics we use them for our kitchens. Form follows function - this is our way of doing.

Flap-door mechanisms

Flap-door mechanisms with soft close

Soft-closing doors

Hinges with integrated, switchable soft-close technology allow a soundless and comfortable closing of the doors.

Strong arguments

  • BioBoard – sustainable, environmental-friendly
  • Horizontal shelves 19 mm thick
  • Backpanel 8 mm – moisture repellent
  • Backpanel routed in and fixed with screws
  • Continuous bottm shelf, backpanel concealed
  • inside and outside colour coordinated
  • 3 mm drill holes for internal shelves

   drawer systems

  • Metal
  • Anthracite
  • Runners at the sides
  • 8 mm glass sides
  • Chimney glass

drawer system

  • Solid Oak
  • runners underneath
  • 13 mm solid Oak sides
  • Bottom with non-slip coating

Concealed wall
    hanging system

The construction of the concealed wall hanging system makes it nearly invisble. All wall units are supplied with a concealed wall hanging system which still allows a precise adjustment.

Gaps berween doors

Symmetrical and elegant gap of 4 mm between all fascias

No fillers  

No filler panels above built-in appliances on tall units

Cabinet depth

6 cabinet depths 350 / 565 / 575 / 615 / 625 / 715 mm

600 / 650 mm

traditional worktop overhang

600 / 650 mm

modern design, worktop flush with doors

Integrierte Belüftung bei Kühlumbauten

Water tray

To protect sink units and fridge housing a metal water tray is fitted as standard.

Internal shelves

The metal shelf pegs have an additional pin to secure the fix the shelves inside the cabinet. Internal shelves are edged all around, the front edge is 1mm thick.