Rotpunkt Küchen produces modern and high quality kitchens, which are exported worldwide from Germany. The company employs more than 300 qualified employees in production, logistics and administration at its headquarters in Bünde and the Getmold plant.

Who we are

Rotpunkt was founded in 1930 by Heinrich Rabe and Wilhelm Meyer as a box factory under the name Rabe & Meyer, and today is a fast-growing kitchen company with trading relationships all over the world. Rotpunkt Küchen GmbH is managed by its managing partners Heinz-Jürgen Meyer and Andreas Wagner and by Sven Herden, Manager of Sales and Marketing. The Managing Directors rely on a unique production structure with an efficient machine fleet, a diverse product portfolio, and reliable delivery.

The continuous corporate growth is projected to continue in the future as well, for instance, through investments in the machine fleet, advanced technologies and expanding national and international trading relationships. In addition, Rotpunkt Kitchens is expanding its headquarters in the East-Westphalian town of Bünde to 15,000 m² – as a recognition of the company's stability in the kitchen industry and its home location in North Rhine Westphalia.

from left to right: Heinz-Jürgen Meyer, Andreas Wagner and Sven Herden

50 German Leaders

they are leading representatives from 50 different industries who demonstrate the importance of German production and German companies’ ingenuity for the global economy. At Rotpunkt Küchen, we are proud to represent the kitchen cupboard industry as part of the 50 German Leaders campaign, which examines forward-thinking strategies from business leaders from across Germany. Because of this, our film not only introduces our company Rotpunkt Küchen and its history, but also shows what makes our products unique in terms of design and function. We embed all of this within the framework of sustainability, which is highly important to us at Rotpunkt Küchen.

In addition, we will take part in the 50 German Leaders Summit in Berlin in September 2022 – alongside the other 49 representatives and members of the German government. We are looking forward to exciting discussions on concepts of sustainability and environmental awareness, digitisation, the future of Germany as a site of innovation and an export nation, the economic impacts of the Covid19 pandemic, the workplace of the future – and much more. After the event, we will publish the results and key messages here.


Design, function and quality are key at Rotpunkt Kitchens, as are partnership and collaboration with kitchen dealers and an innovative and sustainable focus. As of this year, Rotpunkt Kitchen's production is one hundred percent climate neutral, thanks to the use of green electricity and investments in sustainability projects. The company reviews its CO2 emissions each year, and takes measures to continuously reduce CO2.


As a manufacturer of kitchens of the highest quality we at Rotpunkt know that tradition and innovation are by no means contradictory but inspire each other. The clear design of our kitchens is based on this knowledge. We don’t simply follow every single trend without thinking but observe and listen carefully before deciding about extending our product range. That means you can plan your own individual kitchen so that it not only functional but also visually appealing.


State-of-the-art technology combined with long-standing tradition characterises our planning and production methods. That way kitchens of the highest quality are created that not only stand out due to their design and functionality but also due to their lasting value and durability. The highest possible degree of individualisation enables the creation of what we and you expect of a perfect kitchen.