There is one thing that we at Rotpunkt Küchen are convinced of: A kitchen front should not only look good, but also be of high quality and durable. We offer kitchen fronts with different surfaces made of a variety of materials. No matter whether it’s a real wood front, a front with a wood look, a plastic front, a lacquered front, a ceramic front or a metal front: Each one has its own unique character to set it apart. And by the way: We of course offer sustainable kitchen fronts with our Greenline BioBoard Gen2.


Wooden doors

Kitchens with wooden fronts are out of fashion? Far from it! The Rotpunkt Küchen product range not only includes high-quality real wood fronts, but also various kitchen fronts with a wood look. For real wood fronts, you can choose between our Classic Line, Forest Line, Split Line and Oak Line. Each line features a distinctive front design – with natural grain and knotholes. Use the variety of fronts to create a rustic country house style or a modern, minimalist look for your wooden kitchen.

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Classic Line

Clearly visible wood grain, no knots

Forest Line

Brushed fronts with a clearly visible wood grain with a fine knotty look

Split Line

Brushed fronts with black glued cracks and knots

Oak Line

Sandblasted fronts, a deep and clearly visible wood grain with knots and natural irregularities


Real oak wood finish with a solid timber look, sandblasted or brushed with a clearly visible wood grain

Memory RI

Veneered oak wood front with vertical wood grain with a louvre-effect.

Melamine doors

Plastic fronts – sounds cheap and flimsy? Not even close! Plastic fronts are no longer what they used to be. Our high-quality plastic fronts are particularly durable and often also especially robust and easy to clean – whether plain-coloured or with a wood look. The Rotpunkt Küchen range includes a wide variety of plastic fronts, from extra matte to matte and glossy. See for yourself!

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Lacquered doors

Lacquered fronts have always enjoyed great popularity. We at Rotpunkt Küchen think: rightly so! Because lacquered kitchen fronts often impress with a feel of especially high quality. With us, you not only have the choice between matte and glossy lacquered fronts, but also between dozens of different colours. Discover our range of lacquer fronts now!

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Are you looking for a very special kitchen front? Then you have come to the right place! Our “Blackline” and “Metalline” series bring together selected front finishes with a matte edge in black or metal – giving your kitchen a very special aesthetic. The Blackline and Metalline fronts are available in both the standard 19 mm thickness and the thin 14 mm version.

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Sustainable fronts / Greenline

Greenline BioBoard Gen2 is the solution for everyone who wants a sustainable and climate-friendly kitchen. Up to 90 percent recycled wood is used to produce the Greenline BioBoard Gen2. This supports carbon sequestration and relieves the atmosphere as a natural CO2 store. Discover our front decors, which are available in the sustainable version, at a glance here. And if you would like to find out more about sustainability at Rotpunkt Küchen, you have come to the right place.

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